Consulting Services

Need drone help? We can help you make the right choice on how to use drone in general and particularly how we can help your company leverage drone services. If you want to add arial collection into your data mix, but are not of sure the best ways to go about it? Our experts will help you figure it out.

Drone Pilots

If you need a drone pilot or want to hire a professional drone pilot for your business, we can provide such resource. We have a school where we can leverage graduated students to help with your need. We can make that happen quickly. With more than 20 professional drone pilots in Senegal, we can rapidly activate for your specific needs.

Data Analysis

If you need help analyzing the aerial data that is collected, INSEN LOGISTICS can help with that as well. We partner with analytics software providers for our client's specific data analysis needs.

Drone Academy

Earn a good living by becoming a drone pilot and drone technician. We are the First Drone Training School in the Senegal area, with the focus on how to become a Certified Pilot In Command to enter into the commercial drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle industry. Along with our Drone Build, Control, and Program courses, we offer Drone Camps, and one-on-one flight training.

  • Emergency Procedures
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Radio Communications
  • Effects of Drugs & Alcohol
  • Aeronautical Decision-Making
  • Airport Operations
  • Weather & Micrometeorology
  • Flying a Drone at Night

Getting Started

Getting started with INSEN LOGISTICS is easy. Simply fill out the form below contact us via one of the means below and we will discuss your needs with you. Then we’ll go through a brief proposal and contract process and be off and flying for your needs, usually within a few days. Once you are a client, we can quickly activate for your various projects, often with only 24-hours notice. You can be involved as little or as much as you want through the data collection process.

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For more information about how INSEN LOGISTICS can help your company, please contact CEO Pathe Sow at or 402-350-6673.

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